Arctic Charr

Mike Spencer


An economic initiative of the Millbrook First Nation, Nova Scotia Arctic Charr has been able to capture a market based on the ability to bring a premium product to the market place in an effective and efficient way. The Millbrook First Nations Community has a rich history of working the waters of Nova Scotia and has developed a unique expertise in the cultivation of Nova Scotia Arctic Charr. The state-of-the-art aquaculture facility at the Power Center is being used to raise, care for and harvest Nova Scotia Arctic Charr, a product with a reputation of being superior to both salmon and trout. The fish raised here are being sold locally and throughout Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Southern Ontario. You can visit their website at

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"The model for the Power Center is to attract businesses who want to partner with us for long-term sustainability. We work with them to structure a jointly beneficial arrangement at the outset...and then let the company focus on running the operation--to do what they have expertise in doing."
- Lawrence Paul, Millbrook First Nation