Amy Colburn


The Colburn family started the first Subway restaurant in Truro fifteen years ago. Their newest venture at the Power Center opened in April of this year. The Colburns now have three Subway restaurants in town employing about fifty people. There are over 26,000 Subways in 84 countries throughout the world. Subway offers a healthy alternative to its fast food competitors, with its delicious variety of twelve-inch and six-inch sandwiches, salads and wraps. Their sandwiches are made with a wide assortment of meats on freshly baked bread with your choice of vegetables, and each sub is made fresh right in front of your eyes. Subway offers a special kids menu along with a breakfast menu. The Power Center location is opened 6am until 12am, seven days a week. You can visit Subway's website at

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"The model for the Power Center is to attract businesses who want to partner with us for long-term sustainability. We work with them to structure a jointly beneficial arrangement at the outset...and then let the company focus on running the operation--to do what they have expertise in doing."
- Lawrence Paul, Millbrook First Nation