A Business Focused Management Team

The Truro Power site is owned, developed and managed by the Millbrook Mi’kmaw First Nation recognized nationally as a Model First Nation for Aboriginal land management and economic development. The Millbrook Economic Development Council (MEDC)** working within the bylaws established by the duly-elected Millbrook Band Council has skillfully organized and designated the Truro Power Centre lands for private sector development which, profitably managed, progressively benefits the Millbrook Aboriginal Community of 1,600 people.

The MEDC understands the significant benefits and advantages associated with doing business on designated Aboriginal land and strives to leverage the land to the advantage of their partners at the Truro Power Centre. The MEDC is proud of a stellar track record in financial management.

“Millbrook First Nation’s organizational structure includes a knowledgeable financial management team who are fully engaged in growing the economic development opportunities. The band employs sound financial practices and procedures which result in timely and accurate financial information used for performance measurement, decision making and establishing accountability.”

- Ken MacDonald, CA, Partner, Grant Thornton LLP

Millbrook First Nation understands the value of strong business relationships and progressive partnering. It operates the Truro Power Centre as well as a number of incremental business ventures and investments throughout Nova Scotia. Millbrook First Nation has ownership and equity positions in real estate holdings and business ventures throughout Nova Scotia.

"The model for the Power Center is to attract businesses who want to partner with us for long-term sustainability. We work with them to structure a jointly beneficial arrangement at the outset...and then let the company focus on running the operation--to do what they have expertise in doing."
- Lawrence Paul, Millbrook First Nation