Millbrook First Nation

The Economic Development staff of the Millbrook First Nation is committed to the ongoing development of business opportunity. To accomplish their goals they have established priority areas that include;

  • Real-Estate Development
  • The Fisheries
  • Technology 

There are many advantages of working with, partnering and conducting business with Millbrook First Nation. Here is a brief review of what we have been able to accomplish.

Real Estate Development

Truro Power Centre. This expansive business complex is a development initiative of the Millbrook First Nation and has seen considerable success since breaking ground in 2000. It currently houses a number of successful retail businesses such as Tim Horton’s and A & W, Nova Scotia Arctic Charr (aquaculture facility), a Super 8 Motel, and Studio 7 Theatres. Among its "21 Reasons" for investment are reduced taxes, excellent location close to the International Airport, heavy traffic flow in the area, an on-site marketing and promotion office and the important role that historic tourism plays in the region. The Truro Power Centre is the product of a historic deal between the Millbrook First Nation and the three levels of government. The Band signed a deal with a private company to lease federal land, which signifies a huge leap in the direction of self-sufficiency. The success of this Aboriginal initiative and its groundbreaking agreement make it a strong example for Canadian Aboriginal businesses to follow. To visit our online presentation please visit power centre presentation

A recent study by KPMG concluded that Truro is the most Cost Competitive Business location in North America!!

Cole Harbour Developments. In Cole Harbour a 56 & 49 unit apartment buildings as well as the General Dynamics Building, a part of the new Helicopter program.

The Fisheries

On December 19th/2005 Millbrook First Nation signed a historic agreement in the form of a Memorandum of Understanding between the Department of Fisheries and Oceans and Millbrook First Nation. The agreement is a commitment to explore cooperative management opportunities in marine fisheries and aquaculture.

At this time Millbrook First Nation operates fishing vessels in three different zones, and fishing snow crab, lobster, shrimp, ground fish, tuna and rock crab. The Millbrook First Nation manages a sizable fleet and employees both aboriginal and non aboriginal people.


The Federal Government has incorporated several strategies to ensure Aboriginal participation in the procurement process of goods and services. Strategies such as the Aboriginal Industrial Benefit Program and Aboriginal Set Aside Programs have become instrumental in strategically positioning Aboriginal companies to participate in and benefit from Major Crown Projects.

Millbrook first Nation has recognized the shift to a knowledge based economy and has incorporated Millbrook Technologies Ltd. in January of 2006 to exploit these opportunities. Specifically Millbrook Technologies Limited has been incorporated to capitalize on the growing market of online educational, training and awareness programs. Utilizing a unique and customized Learning Management System, LMS, these programs will be delivered on line through a customized portal, to view our online presentation click here:


"The model for the Power Center is to attract businesses who want to partner with us for long-term sustainability. We work with them to structure a jointly beneficial arrangement at the outset...and then let the company focus on running the operation--to do what they have expertise in doing."
- Lawrence Paul, Millbrook First Nation